GameBattles Premium Access - 3 Months

GameBattles Premium

Get three months of GameBattles Premium Access and take your competitive online experience to the next level. Get premium support, the option to save your match settings, and more. This is a recurring 3-month membership.

Full feature list:

  • Premium Match Support
  • Access to weekly Free Elite Premium Cash Prize Tournaments
  • Access to Exclusive Giveaways & Promotions
  • Free Match Escalations
  • Immediate Team Disbands
  • Live Chat Support
  • Discounted Double XP Days
  • Discounted Username Changes
  • Discounted Record Resets
  • Free Double XP Day Every Month
  • Double XP on your Birthday
  • Double XP as Crown Holder
  • Customized Saved Match Settings
  • Access to Members only Forum
  • Access to Exclusive Forum Features
  • Exclusive Chat Icon
  • Exclusive Emoticon Pack
  • Profile Customization

    • Add a Background Image
    • Integrated YouTube video with auto-play
    • 25 Additional Photos (total of 50, only 25 for Non-Premium Members)


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